VIXX KEN X 9Muses Kyungri K-pop idols’ tip for Korean bath ‘Body scrubbing’ [OhMyGodTip11]


K-pop Idol’s know-how comedy show [Oh My God Tip] *English and 6 Asian languages’ subtitle provided!
Many real know-hows for everyday life.

VIXX KEN X Nine Muses Kyugri, to prepare yourself for a water park – Korean Body Scrubbing
Nine Muses Kyugri, got her body done by Oh Nami?

Tip 11. Our tip on getting rid of old dirts and dead skin on your body!
After taking a refreshing bath, but there’s something that still bothers you!
Some old dirts and flaking dead skins on elbows, knees and feet!
When you feel like you’ve done nothing after taking a long bath!
A great know-how on getting rid of these residues of dead skins and dirts!
Our tip about Korean way of bath and body scrubbing of your life!

For those of you who want to feel truly refreshed, not only your mind but body as well, must get this great tip! Oh my God! TIP!

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